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Why I DO Affiliate Marketing and the three Reasons you should too

I recently read a blog post by a blogger who gave a lot of reasons why she did not go the route of monetizing her site through affiliate marketing.  I respect her view completely. She had her own products to sell, and her own e-books/training manuals.  I was really impressed with what she had going on for her website.

Why I DO Affiliate Marketing

It got me thinking about why I DO Affiliate Marketing, and why I believe it is a genuine, honest way to get paid sharing information about products.

My initial motivation for going into this scary, unpredictable world of online business, was to find a way to make money while being at home for my kids.  As a single mom, that’s not a wildly secure step to take.  It’s a hugely unknown entity.  My motivation changed as I began to realise what a massive responsibility it is to take one’s opinion and share it with the world…or at least anyone out there who is willing to read it.

Reason 1 – Put others First

The single most important thing to do when blogging is to always put your readers first.  There’s a really strong Godly principle in that concept that is not lost on me.

Putting other’s needs before your own, is an all too familiar notion for mothers, whether single or married or somewhere in-between.  Which is why it probably isn’t an issue for me to have that idea in the back of my mind at all times when working on a new blog post.

Affiliate Marketing is, in fact, a huge responsibility not to be taken lightly.  One should always be mindful of this before taking the step to monetize your blog in this manner.

Most mom’s will identify with how they are usually putting others before themselves – this would be a natural part of that, and you’d be helping someone in the process.

Reason 2 – Mars needs Moms

Mars Needs Moms is one of my favourite kids movies.  Inside Out is another, but that conversation is for another day.  It’s not only Mars that needs moms, but Earth too.

Moms have a massive amount to offer the world.  Every mom I know has something unique and of value to offer their kids, husbands, families and/or people close to them.  Even the mom who feels she has nothing to offer…has something to offer!

So, blogging allows me to share something that could be of value to other moms, for free, and be able to keep my family financial – definitely a good reason.

Reason 3 – I’m not a charity

Okay, so this is where I’m not so politically correct.  Some might balk at this reason and that is understandable, but it is a fact.  I’m not ashamed of it, and I don’t think you should be either.

Being a charity is a noble and honourable thing.  But that’s not what my blog is about.  I want to be helpful and offer suggestions to others that has the potential to make a difference to their lives.  Do I charge for that? No, but in offering help and guiding people to things that may make their lives better is a good thing to do.

What an honour and a priviledge it is to have such an opportunity.

My number 1 Resource

So, I started on this journey a while ago, and there were several influences that helped me make my decision.  You can read about it in my blog post here.

There are lots of options for learning how to do this, but WA is certainly by far the best I have come across in many years of searching.

It is my hope that this has been helpful to you, and I would love to hear your comments or questions on the subject.

All the best, my friend!

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