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I have been searching online for many years for a business or training on how to make money online, and through that process recently stumbled upon an opportunity offered by Anik Singal.

At first, I was quite intrigued by the claims he made and so signed up to attend a “live” webinar.


  1.  It wasn’t live!
  2. It was a two hour plus session of repetitive information.
  3. I turned it off after two plus hours because I couldn’t take listening to that “high pitched”, “fake excited” voice ANYMORE!
  4. I have to wonder who Raphael, Mohammed, Conrad and Janet are because they CONSTANTLY “emailed” him during the “webinar”.
  5. I felt like a complete idiot at the end of the “fake webinar” because I kept typing “YES” in the comment section when he asked, which only resulted in me getting added to his autoresponders over and over again! (So funny, that when I think back – I have to laugh at myself! :-))
  6. Although he made every effort to provide a lot of information on how the system works and how easy it is, there was no opportunity to try it.  What if it wasn’t for me?
  7. I was on the point of taking out a loan to pay the $1497, when I saw that THERE IS NO REFUND OPTION!  Really?  Okay, default to the 5 rules!
  8. He has employed writers to write the content for you – this really bothered me most because the material is not authentic and is written by a stranger you don’t even know.

What was on offer?

  1. You set up a landing page and get people to sign up to your regular emails pertaining to a specific niche of your choosing.
  2. When people read your e-mails they will sign up for more info on the “Thank You Page”, which has an offer you can’t refuse.
  3. Full training and tutorials, although I clearly didn’t get to see if they were any good because I didn’t sign up – thank goodness!

A few things I felt this offer was about:

  1. It’s not about helping the people on your e-mail list – at least it did not seem that way to me.  It was just about how to make money fast at the expense of others.
  2. It was not a “live” webinar, which made me think “If they will lie about something so simple, what “lies” are they telling about the big stuff”?

How it made me feel:

  1. I felt manipulated to the point that I left the webinar in such a state of high stress that I felt totally demoralized.
  2. I knew I simply could not sign up to something that would possibly require me to lie to others about the content of a webinar!
  3. A few days later I felt grateful for the opportunity to learn something about myself in that I would not do anything to compromise my integrity, even if it meant a lot of money could be made!

Finally, I want to say kudos to Anik for making such a successful business for himself, but it definitely was NOT FOR ME!


  • Kristin September 15, 2016 at 12:47 pm

    Great review! I know how you feel. Lately I have been getting suckered into watching quite a few *free* “live” webinars. I sit there for an hour or more and then the other shoe drops and “I would be crazy not to take this deal!” or something to the effect. lol They are also manipulative, saying that most people won’t take action, and that their system in for those who are serious. Like, really? I am plenty serious. I joined WA, and I have worked so hard on the lessons and building up my webpage in the short time since I joined!

    I would never consider any program that didn’t have a free trial or a free version. And I will not put my payment information in for something that claims to be free! It was a big deal for me to go premium at WA, and I probably wouldn’t have if they didn’t take pay pal!

    • claire winter September 16, 2016 at 2:54 am

      Hi Kristin. I am so grateful for your feedback! I’m very glad to know I am not the only one who experienced those emotions and feelings. Working with WA has been SO inspiring and uplifting, albeit, hard work. But hard work pays in the end when you are your own boss and doing it on your own terms. I wish you all the best with your own online adventure! Warm regards, Claire

  • Keith Scott September 20, 2016 at 3:08 pm

    Hi Claire, how right you are! I recently ‘discovered’ a website claiming to make you into a millionaire if you bought their product, sat there for an hour and felt totally manipulated. Glad I did not sign up.

    • claire winter September 21, 2016 at 11:37 am

      Hi Keith – good on you! I’m thinking of writing a post about the binary options video sending people to a page to start a trade account. This is another example of the “get rich quick” schemes that trap so many people!
      Thanks for reading the post Keith, all the best and warm regards,


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