Inspiration, Affiliate marketing

Inspiration – 7 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 3

Inspiration, Affiliate marketing

Day 3

I’ve been taking part in a genius idea by Caroline Towers, who has started a 7 Day Blogging Challenge.  Such a smart lady!  So this is day 3 of the challenge, and the idea is to write something about someone who inspires/inspired you.

I only recently took the step to start an online blog and business.  I’ve been a serial entrepreneur all my life, and have had this burning desire within me to have my own business for as long as I can remember.  You must be wondering why I never took the step earlier!  Well, the answer is quite simply a fear of failure.  That and listening to negativity, feeling unable, inadequate and unsure of myself.


Until I read a blog post by a very lovely lady – Sarah Titus.  I cannot even remember how I happened upon her blog, only that it captured my interest in an incredible way.  She wrote a book on how to turn your blog into a 6 figure money making machine.  I bought it from Amazon, and never regretted it.  There was something about her honesty and authenticity that spoke to the entrepreneur in me, and I was hooked.  There is a lot of junk online, and also everyone has a different take on things, so it’s likely not to be everyone’s cup of tea. What I enjoyed most about Sarah’s blog was the genuine attitude of caring that springs off her posts.

What I have learned from reading the book, researching online and practising has been invaluable!  I love it and feel I have found my “place” for the first time in my life – seriously, no exaggerations!  I return to it often in my blog journey, and probably will continue to do so for a while yet.

My other inspiration is my parents.  They are both amazing people, and my dad is just the most amazing example of a husband and father.  I wish there was some kind of school for father’s and husbands out there, because there just aren’t enough good ones to choose from!  Ok, disclaimer time – I’m not speaking from bitterness, but rather a real deep desire for father’s especially to take their important roles seriously.

Speaking of schools, my mom is so special.  When I was 10 she started a “Junior Homemaker’s” class.  Not a very PC thing to do these days, given that it’s so un-PC to mention girls being good little home-makers, but I loved doing it.  In fact, it probably sparked the entrepreneurial spirit in me by giving me skills to manage so many different things. Thanks mom, you are amazing!

Next Steps

After I read Sarah’s book I continued searching and came upon the training programme and web hosting site I currently use.  It has a brilliant culture and pay it forward approach.  For someone new to blogging and finding ways to run a successful online business this is a brilliant platform.

Your thoughts?

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on great blog training, how to monetise your blog, and even creating amazing web designs!  If you have someone who inspires/inspired you – tell me about them.


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  • Caroline October 6, 2016 at 5:05 pm

    Great post, I love how you have got inspiration from different people 🙂


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