How to make Millions Overnight – Review

I remember reading a book years ago about a teenager who was living on the street, and through desperate times ended up getting involved with elaborate schemes to con people out of their money.  I enjoyed reading about the risk and the planning, and then got quite disappointed in myself when I realised that people were actually getting hurt by these con-artists.  There was incredible creativity which went into all the “jobs”, and it was all quite intriguing to me.  Of course, when I read about the old woman who lost all her savings and ended up living on the street as a result I sobered up pretty quickly!

That is where my education in spotting the con/scam started.  There are a million and more scams out there to try to steal your money from you with wild and wonderful stories to grab your attention!  Be careful out there!

There are claims from people who say they have used one simple system to create millions for themselves overnight.

When you click their “Free” offer – which looks something like this:millionair

You will inevitably be taken to a page that says “share this with your friends to get access”.  Looks something like this:


Basically what is happening here is you are giving this person free advertising by sharing their content with your friends in an effort to find this secret to millions.  So you have shared this on your twitter/facebook feed, and you will then be told – “share this again to unlock our secret to millions”.    Wow!  Very clever marketing for sure, but is it for real?  No! It simply isn’t.

My dear friends, there is no secret.  It’s a gimmick from a very clever internet marketer to get shares and more shares and a ton of free traffic. Amazingly this page popped up in my search in Google’s first page! This tells me that my thoughts on the “share requirement” being a way to create massive traffic to their site was accurate. Inevitably you will be disappointed by the information you receive which in my experience has been to a binary trading options page which requires that you sign up, “activate” your account with a $250.00 investment.  The claim is that after a few clicks you will be “rolling in it”  It’s a fantasy good people, and don’t, please, please, please, don’t get duped by these shameless “internet con artists”

If you are interested in honest to goodness information on how to start an online business to make money, have a look at my number 1 recommendation here:

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